We can help you with your online event by assisting with scheduling, configuring your meeting settings, conducting practice sessions for your presenters, and providing technical assistance during your online event.

Hours of Operation

Video Event Online Support staff are available during normal UMN business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


  • Discuss your event needs and help you select the most appropriate and secure delivery format.
  • Worry-free setup. We will help schedule and configure your event for you.
  • Practice session leading up to your event.
  • Event day technical support.
  • Post-event video download support.

Getting Started

Step 1

Request a consultation with an A/V Coordinator.

Request a consultation by emailing [email protected]. We will need to understand your goals for your online event. To help us do that we would like to know:

  • Do you want participants to be able to chat?
  • Who should be allowed to share their screens?
  • What are your requirements for securing your event?

Please also provide a minimum two week lead time on event requests.

Step 2

Set up your identified technology.

After we have a good understanding of your event, the A/V Coordinator will

  • Schedule the event in Zoom and configure settings to meet your needs.
  • Provide you with meeting and event (or registration) links you can share with your participants.
  • Schedule a practice session to ensure a high-quality experience 

Step 3

Attend the scheduled Practice session (~30 minutes).

We will work with you to test the presenter’s and attendee’s experiences, any presentations, and any features you may like to incorporate, such as polling, screen sharing, or video. 

Step 4

Hold your meeting or event.

Hold your meeting or event. We will be available to you beginning 30 minutes before to troubleshoot any issues and help you prepare and feel confident. During your event, we will monitor the overall experience and be available to troubleshoot issues. 

Step 5

Receive reports and manage your recording.

After the event, the A/V Coordinator can provide a variety of reports (e.g., attendance, polling results, chat, Q&A, etc.) and a link to your recording, if requested.

Additional Resources