Onsite Support Available Sept. 7

Video Conferencing experts are available to consult, set up, and facilitate your video conferencing event. Beginning September 7, 2021, Video Event Onsite Support will be available. You can make your request now for events scheduled on or after September 7.

 Video Event Online Support service is available now and will continue to be a support option going forward.


  • Receive individualized consultations to help plan and determine the best options for your event.
  • On-demand event support for Twin Cities on-campus locations. 


  • A consultation is required before booking on-site video support.
  • Support requests must be submitted three weeks before event date.
  • When reserving a room, ensure you have scheduled one hour of set-up and half an hour for removal of equipment.
  • The room must have a wired network jack that has DHCP enabled.
  • Any presentation materials (eg. Google Slides, Powerpoints) that will be used for the event should be sent to the event support staff three days before the event.
  • Event organizers should obtain a standard release for any speakers or presenters



Getting Started

Step 1

Request a consultation with a Video Event Coordinator.

Request a consultation with a Video Consultant by completing the Video Event Support Request form. We will need to understand your goals for your event. Please also provide a minimum three-week lead time on event requests.

Step 2

Set up your identified technology.

After we have a good understanding of your event, the Video Event Coordinator will:

  • Schedule the event in Zoom and configure settings to meet your needs.
  • Provide you with meeting and event (or registration) links you can share with your online participants.

Step 3

Schedule practice session 

Schedule a 60-minute (online or at the event location) in advance of your event.

Step 4

Hold your meeting or event.

Hold your meeting or event. We will be available to you beginning 30 minutes before to troubleshoot any issues and help you prepare and feel confident. During your event, we will monitor the overall experience and be available to troubleshoot issues.

Step 5

Receive reports and manage your recording.

After the event, your Video Event Technician can provide a variety of reports (e.g., attendance, polling results, chat, Q&A, etc.) and a link to your recording, if requested.

Additional Resources