Request a Video Conferencing Consultation

Learn about UMN video conferencing options

Email [email protected] or contact Technology Help to request a consultation to learn about available video conferencing options.

Request online support for your video event

Submit all online support requests via email to [email protected].

Video Event Online Support is now available. Video conferencing experts are available to consult with you, set up, and facilitate video conferencing events for a fee. Request a consultation.

Please submit all requests two weeks in advance and include the following in your email

  • Date and Time of the Event
  • Event Title
  • Contact Person
  • Any details you may have at the time of requesting

Request a consultation: in-room video conferencing for classrooms

In-room video conferencing for classroom purposes are conducted through the Office of Classroom Management (OCM). Please e-mail [email protected] or call the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 to set up a consultation.

For more information regarding in-room conferencing options, please visit Video Conferencing in OCM Classrooms.