Departments can request to have managed printers set up in their offices for the exclusive use of departmental students and staff.

Users simply send a print job to a managed printer, and the printer workstation holds the job until the user is ready to release it. Students need to have money loaded on their U Cards in order to release print jobs. When released, students' Gopher Gold™ accounts are charged.


  • Reduce staff costs. No staff needed to collect funds to print.
  • Decrease printer paper and toner use.
  • Reduce printer consumables up to 50%.
  • Prolong equipment life. Lower usage translates to less frequent replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Track account value via computer, not paper.
  • Save time with a single process for printing.
  • Manage printing costs covered by grant funding directly.
  • U Card Office tracks, reports and transfers value via EFS.
  • Recover 100% of printing costs.
  • Gather printer data easily to effectively budget resources.

OIT Responsibilities

OIT will manage printer queues, release stations, printer installation packages, technical support training, and usage reports. In addition, customized services and features, including remote printing and the limiting of access to the customer’s printers, may be available from OIT on an a la carte fee basis.

Printer Queues

  • OIT will configure printer queues based on a cost per page to bill the end users.

  • The customer determines the cost per page.

Release Stations

  • OIT will provide, set up, and configure release station hardware and software for use in the customer’s environments.

  • OIT will provide security patches and hardware repairs to the release stations as needed.

Printer Installation Packages

  • OIT will provide all Pharos installation packages to allow printing to the customer’s printers from designated campus-based desktop computers.

Technical Support Training

  • OIT will train the customer’s technical staff on the Pharos release station and deployment of printer packages.

Usage Reports

  • OIT will provide the customer with detailed usage reports on a monthly basis.

Departmental Customer Responsibilities

  • The customer is responsible for end-user training, support and responsible system usage, IP addresses, local network jacks, printer hardware, consumables, and responsible system use.

  • The customer is also responsible for the security of OIT-owned equipment that is provided as part of OIT’s Pharos services, particularly the release station and its keyboard and card reader.  Any damage beyond normal wear, including loss from theft, misuse or vandalism, will be charged to the customer based on OIT’s actual repair costs. All additional services described in this section are charged at $72 per hour, plus any extra hardware expenses.

Getting Started