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Nearly 8,000 students, faculty, and staff at the University of Minnesota are using Qualtrics for their projects.
USAS is the business owner of Qualtrics for the University and has a team of experts available to help bridge the gap between do-it-yourself and advanced level questionnaire design and survey programming.

Good Practices

Conduct a successful survey by learning how to ensure security and confidentiality, craft email invitations, and achieve higher response rates.
Learn how to correctly analyze survey data so results can be used to accurately inform decisions.
See how to design a high-quality survey by understanding when to use specific question types, how to write questions, and how to format and organize the survey.
Learn how to establish survey objectives, methods, institutional review and approval, and sampling to create a successful project.


Under the tasks column, you are able to preview a survey by clicking on "view." If it results in the screen below, it may be due to a request for authentication.
Create an Individual Account Read and agree to the Terms of Use.
All active University of Minnesota staff and students may use Qualtrics. To activate your Qualtrics account, log in to UMN Qualtrics:
If you have questions about accounts, access, groups, ownership changes, or availability of features on the University instance of Qualtrics, contact 
A contact list includes the names and email addresses of individuals to which a survey is sent. There are a variety of different ways to get a contact list. Below are some options recommended by the University.
The following instructions will help Qualtrics survey distributors create a survey where University of Minnesota accounts are required to log in and take the survey, and where the respondent's Internet ID is captured
Only Qualtrics Campus Administrators can create and modify membership in groups. Please contact [email protected] with the following information for assistance:
If you are the Owner of a UofM Qualtrics survey and wish to transfer ownership to another UofM Qualtrics account, you must contact UofM Qualtrics Support,
If your name, Internet ID or Email address are incorrect in Qualtrics:
Set up a University-Branded Email using Qualtrics Qualtrics Mass Email Requirements Email sent from Qualtrics must follow the


Watch pre-recorded webinars covering a variety of Qualtrics and survey topics
The Qualtrics license grants the University of Minnesota permission to use the software solely for University purposes, and expressly prohibits use by third parties.
Find answers to frequently asked Qualtrics questions.
Learn the basics of using Qualtrics or dive into advanced topics.
There are three different main sites where you can learn more about how to use Qualtrics. Each of the three sites has a slightly different purpose. Explore each of these sites below. 
If you are considering surveying anyone at the University of Minnesota, you must follow the Survey Project Approval Process outlined below.