Qualtrics: Transfer Ownership of a Qualtrics Survey

If you are the Owner of a UofM Qualtrics survey and wish to transfer ownership to another UofM Qualtrics account, you must contact UofM Qualtrics Support, [email protected].

If you wish to transfer ownership of a UofM Qualtrics survey to an account at another institution or from another institution to the UofM Qualtrics instance, you must contact Qualtrics Support. Qualtric's can be reached at sup[email protected], or 800-340-9194 (from 9am to 8pm EST) or at qualtrics.com/support

Note: If you wish to have ownership of a survey transferred from someone else to you, include permission from the owner in your request. If the owner of the survey is not reachable to transfer ownership, then the owner's former supervisor can request ownership transfers by contacting UMN Qualtrics Support.

Survey Owner Transfer Request

To transfer ownership of a UMN Qualtrics survey that you own to another UMN Qualtrics account, contact UMN Qualtrics Support, [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Name of each survey or the URLs of the surveys that you want transferred
  • Target owner's Internet ID


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