Qualtrics: Contact Qualtrics Support

If you have questions about accounts, access, groups, ownership changes, or availability of features on your UMN Qualtrics account, contact the UMN Qualtrics Brand Administrators

For any other Qualtrics questions, contact Qualtrics Support to receive support over the phone, live chat, or email.

Contacting Qualtrics Phone, Chat, or Email Support

Within Qualtrics:

  1. Open Qualtrics.
  2. Select the question mark ? in the top right Qualtrics toolbar, next to the bell icon.
  3. At the bottom of the question mark (?) help menu, select Contact Support.
    The question mark menu selection is highlighted, and at the bottom of the popup, Contact Support (Chat, phone, or email) is selected

Using the Qualtrics Support Center:

  1. Select Sign in with SSO below the Sign In button.
    Sign in with SSO is selected on the login screen
  2. In the Organization ID box, enter umn.
  3. Select Continue.

    • Note: If you aren't already logged in, you will be redirected to the UofM login screen first.

  4. Select the tile for Get Technical Support under the How can we help you? section.

  5. Select Survey Platform from Select a product area to see its available contact methods section.
    Survey Platform appears first in the lineup of options under "Select a product area to see its available contact methods"

  6. Scroll down and choose Live Chat or Email.

Search Qualtrics Support Documentation

The Qualtrics Support area has common questions and how-tos for popular tasks. Use the search box to find answers.

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