Qualtrics: Manage an Account

You can activate your University of Minnesota (UMN) Qualtrics account, migrate an existing Qualtrics account, and review existing knowledge to effectively use your account.

If you have any questions about Qualtrics account management that are not on this page, please contact the UMN Qualtrics Brand Administrators at [email protected]

Activating a UMN Qualtrics Account 

See Qualtrics Activate UMN Qualtrics Account for step-by-step instructions. You can activate Qualtrics accounts for both personal and departmental accounts. 

To create an account with the Qualtrics Canvas LTI, please contact the UMN Qualtrics Brand Administrators at [email protected]

  • Important Note #1: After you activate your UMN Qualtrics account, you will always access your Qualtrics account through umn.qualtrics.com, with the exception of the Canvas LTI. To access the Qualtrics Canvas LTI, login to umnlms.qualtrics.com instead.
  • Important Note #2: In order to keep your UMN Qualtrics account active, you will need to login every two years. Accounts that have been inactive for two or more years will be automatically disabled. If your account is disabled, you can request to enable it by emailing [email protected].

Migrating an Existing Qualtrics Account

You can contact Qualtrics support to request to migrate your Qualtrics account to or from UMN's Qualtrics platform or another institution's Qualtrics platform. 

You will have access to everything you own and data will not be lost when you migrate your account to or from UMN's Qualtrics platform. However, existing survey collaborations may be interrupted. Surveys that are in the data collection phase will not be interrupted. If you are concerned about loss of data, we encourage you to export any data so that it can be uploaded back into Qualtrics post migration.

If you have created a free Qualtrics student account that's not on the UMN's version of Qualtrics, you can migrate your free account's projects and data to UMN's Qualtrics. To do this, you will need to contact Qualtrics support with your free account to initiate the account transfer. 

Additional Account Resources

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