The University of Minnesota provides discounted or no-cost software to students, faculty, and staff for work-related and personal use.

In response to Covid-19 many software vendors are offering special access to their software.  We've collected some of these options on this document.  We are doing our best to keep this up to date, but if you notice any new or different information that should be updated, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected], please reference the document url. 

  1. View software terms & conditions.
  2. Select a product name linked below. 
  3. A page for that software will display. Follow the instructions for the available licenses (department, employee, or student). You will be directed to our software download site or the vendor's site. 
  4. For Personal Purchase needs we have a storefront through Kivuto where some software can be purchased. Purchases through this site are only for personal use; do not use UMN funds on Kivuto
  5. Direct questions to [email protected].

Getting Started

Software Titles