SAS (SAS Institute)

Version 9.4

The SAS Education Analytical Suite is an integrated system of software products that enables the programmer to perform:

  • data entry, retrieval, management, and mining;
  • report writing and graphics;
  • statistical analysis;
  • business planning, forecasting, and decision support;
  • operations research and project management;
  • quality improvement;
  • applications development;
  • data warehousing; and
  • platform independent and remote computing.

Note: UMN's SAS license is only intended for teaching, learning and research use. See Terms and Conditions for details.

    Purchase or Download

    Purchase or Download

    UMN Licenses

    Availability Cost
    Department For installation on a University-owned device $80–5,350 Paid for with departmental funds
    Employee For installation on an employee's personal device Available only for UMN teaching, learning, or research
    Student For installation on a student's personal device $80.00 Paid by student

    Instructions for Departments

    1. Make sure your operating system supports running SAS.
    2. Make sure you have enough space on your computer: SAS uses approximately 20 GB of disk space depending on options selected but up to 40 GB disk space is needed during installation, for downloaded files and the SAS Depot.
    3. Know that your license expires on November 30, regardless of when you purchase it.
    4. SAS continues working with warning notices in a grace period beyond November 30 which will allow student use of SAS through the end of Fall semester.
    5. Order a License on our Kivuto-hosted webstore.
    6. If you are not already authenticated into a UMN secure site, you will be asked to do so.

    Instructions for Employees

    Faculty and staff can purchase this software for use on their personal computers directly from SAS.

    If you need to use this software exclusively for UMN teaching, learning, or research and you want to install it on a personally-owned device, follow the steps under Instructions for Departments above.

    Instructions for Students

    If you are taking a course that requires SAS, please check with your instructor to see if the free version will work for the course you are enrolled in and if so, download SAS OnDemand for Academics. Otherwise purchase a license by following these steps.

    1. Follow steps 1–3 under Instructions for Departments above.
    2. Order a License on our Kivuto-hosted webstore.
    3. Purchase your license using a credit card or with a PayPal account.

    Participating College/Units in Unit-wide License

    • CFANS  (2023 license)
    • School of Public Health  (2023 license)
    • Academic Clinical Affairs (2023 license)
    • check here later for updated listings of 2023 license participants


    • Base SAS Software
    • SAS OnlineTutor Programming Software
    • SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 Software
    • SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL
    • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC Software
    • SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB Software
    • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ORACLE Software
    • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files Software
    • SAS/ACCESS Interface to SYBASE Software
    • SAS/AF Software
    • SAS/ASSIST Software
    • SAS/CONNECT Software
    • SAS/EIS Software
    • SAS/Entrprise Miner Software
    • SAS/ETS Software
    • SAS/FSP Software
    • SAS/GIS Software
    • SAS/GRAPH Software
    • SAS/IML Software
    • SAS/INSIGHT Software
    • SAS/LAB Software
    • SAS/OR Software
    • SAS/QC Software
    • SAS/SECURE for Windows Software
    • SAS/SHARE Software
    • SAS/SPECTRAVIEW Software
    • SAS/STAT Software

    Terms and Conditions

    General Technology Products Terms & Conditions apply to this software license. If additional terms and conditions apply to this item, they will be listed below.


    • UMN's SAS license is only intended for teaching, learning and research use. 
      • For example, if student or instructor uses the school's real data to find patterns and warning signs of why students might leave school before graduation only to understand what is possible to predict, it is an academic use.
      • If an admissions or student retention office takes any action on the data, it is an administrative use.
      • If an instructor provides results of a student satisfaction survey to their current students for analysis, it is an academic use, but if instructors use those results to change their approach in the classroom, that is now administrative use.
    • This software runs off of a license code. This license code expires in February of every year, and will not be tied to your actual license with OIT Software Licensing.
    • This software can be installed on up to two computers that are used by the licensee as long as the software is not running on both computers at the same time.


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