ArcGIS (Esri)

Esri's ArcGIS software suites enable you to analyze data, examine relationships, test predictions, author geographic knowledge, and ultimately make better decisions.

      Purchase or Download

      Purchase or Download

      UMN Licenses

      Availability Cost
      Department For installation on a University-owned device University-funded: No charge
      Employee For installation on an employee's personal device University-funded: No charge
      Student For installation on a student's personal device University-funded: No charge

      Instructions for Employees and Students

      1. See the Software page on the U-Spatial site for license options and access instructions.
      2. If you need help deciding which tool to use, contact our GIS partners from U-Spatial.

      Additional Information for Employees

      • Faculty and instructors who use ArcGIS in their classroom activities can obtain one-year ArcGIS and Extensions Student Edition for the enrolled students. Please email U-Spatial at [email protected] for further details.
      • Faculty and staff currently working at the University of Minnesota can obtain a one-year free ArcGIS Desktop license for their personal computers as long as it is used for non-commercial work only. Please consult the Terms of Uses in the installation files for full limitations of use. Details of how to obtain the software are on U-Spatial's website.
      • Faculty  and instructors can request up to three free books every four months to be used in the classroom or as research material. You can request materials by filling out the online Esri Press Desk Copy Request Form. Use your email address on the form and the Customer Number 324.

      Additional Information for Students

      • Students enrolled in a University of Minnesota credit course can obtain a one-year ArcGIS Desktop and Extensions Student Edition license that can be used for non-commercial work only. Students may also use ArcGIS Pro in UMN Public Computer Labs by setting up an ArcGIS Online account. Details of how to obtain the software & sign up for an Online account are on U-Spatial's website.
      • Students also may purchase ArcGIS directly from Esri.

      Included Tools

      Available Maps

      ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World is a collection of geographic information from around the globe. It includes maps, apps, and data layers.

      Terms and Conditions

      General Technology Products Terms & Conditions apply to this software license. If additional terms and conditions apply to this item, they will be listed below.

      Contract Details

      The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has partnered with MnSCU to offer a state-wide contract for the ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS) software.


      This software supports the University’s mission of becoming a top three public research institution. GIS software is crucially important for conducting geospatial research. Currently at the University there are over 30 departments doing geospatial research. The US Department of Labor has identified geospatial technologies as one of the three most important high-growth industries in the 21st century. 

      For more information about geospatial research at the University visit U-Spatial and University Services Enterprise GIS.


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