Start of Semester FAQs

Where can I view my class schedule?

  1. Log into

  2. Click on the "Academics" tab

  3. Under the "My Enrollment" heading, there is a weekly view of your classes and the times they meet (Note: If you do not see your classes listed, you may need to click on the left and right pointing arrows to change to a week that you have classes scheduled)

How do I make a payment to my tuition?

  1. Disable your pop up blocker on your web browser. For instructions on how to disable pop-up blockers: How to Disable Pop Up Blockers OR Add a Trusted Site

  2. Log into

  3. Click on the "My Finances" tab

  4. Beneath the "Billing & Payment" tab, click on the "Make a Payment" button

  5. You will then be redirected to another page and you can click on the green "Make a Payment" button

  6. A window will come up asking you to enter the amount you would like to pay towards your tuition. Make sure to check the box to the left of your listed campus and enter the amount you would like to pay

  7. Click next. (You may receive a message telling you to "Refresh Student Account" if you have not yet disabled your pop up blocker. Please disable the pop up blocker and refresh the page)

  8. You can then select which payment method you would like to use and complete the payment by following the directions

How do I set up my email on my phone or email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.)?

How do I connect my smart tv or game console to the internet?

Which WiFi network should I use?

  • As a student or staff/faculty member, you have access the the eduroam wifi network. This is the best wifi network to use as it has the fastest speeds and largest bandwidth. You can sign into this network using your full University of Minnesota email address and password. See How to Connect to Eduroam.

Why isn't my WiFi working? What are some troubleshooting steps?

  1. Restart your device.

  2. Try "Forgetting the Network" and reconnecting. If you are unsure how to do this on your device, Google is your best resource: for example (you can replace iPhone in this search with your device, such as Galaxy S5 or Moto X).

  3. Double check to see if you are entering the correct login information. Make sure you are entering your full email address including the "" at the end

  4. If these steps have not resolved your connection issues, bring your device into a Technology Help walk-in location. Check hours and locations.

What is Canvas and how do I access it?

I heard I can download Microsoft Office 365 for free, where do I get it?

  • At the University of Minnesota, all students and staff members have access to a free Office 365 subscription. This subscription will not expire until you leave the University. See how to download and install Office 365.

For students: How do I grant my parents access to my account to do things like pay bills, view schedules, etc.?

For Parents: How do I view my students account so I can do things like pay bills, view schedules, etc.?

I forgot my Internet ID password, what do I do?

  • If you have set up your self-service password change secrets, or have access to your alternate email on file, you can click on the "Forgot your Password?" link and follow the instructions there. If you have not, you will need to call us at 612.301.4357 so we can help you reset it over the phone

I want to reset my password without having to call you in the future, how do I do this?

  1. Log in to using your Internet ID and password

  2. Click on Set password recovery questions

  3. Fill out the three questions and answers and click Continue

How do I set up cable on my TV in the residence halls?

How do I access UMN-TV online?

  1. Go to Xfinity on Campus

  2. In the box labeled "Enter Your School Name", type University of Minnesota.

  3. Log in with your Internet ID and password.

  4. Click Start Watching.

How do I use the hospitality WiFi unit in my residence hall room?

  • Aruba 303H access points are available in residence halls across the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. These will provide WiFi, and Ethernet access within a particular room. See WiFi: Aruba 303H Access Point

What services do you offer for fixing my computer?

  • We offer Technology Help Walk-In Locations around campus that you can bring your device into so we can assist you with determining what the issue might be.

  • Note: We do not do any hardware repair, operating system updates and repair, or data backup. For recommendations for those services please visit Personal Device Repair Referrals.