Canvas: Find Your Course Site

There are a few ways to find the Canvas course sites that you have access to. This article covers these areas:

Finding Your Course Sites on the Canvas Dashboard

  1.  Use your UofM internet ID and password to log in to This will take you directly to YOUR Dashboard which is unique to your identity.
    Sample dashboard
  2. Any courses that you are enrolled in will be listed on your Dashboard.
    • Students will only be able to see Published Courses that they are enrolled in. 
      • If you are enrolled in an upcoming course in MyU but are unable to access the Canvas course site, the instructor likely has not published the course yet. Once you have confirmed with your instructor that they have published the course, refresh your Canvas Dashboard page to be able to access the course.  
    • IMPORTANT: Teachers and TAs will need to scroll down to the Unpublished Courses area to find the newest semester course sites.  
  • If the course is not in your Unpublished Courses list, see View All My Canvas Courses as an Instructor.
  • If the course is not in your All Courses list, reach out to your department scheduler to be added as a teacher in PeopleSoft. The teachers are updated in Canvas to match PeopleSoft overnight.
  • Anyone with a Teacher role or TA role in a course site will be able to see course sites in both the Published Courses and Unpublished Courses area of the Dashboard.

Finding Your Course Sites from the MyU Dashboard

  1. Log in to MyU.
  2. Go to the Key Links menu and select Canvas.
    myu, key links menu, canvas highlighted
  3. Find your Teaching tab and click the Canvas link to go directly to YOUR Dashboard.
  4. See instructions above regarding what you should see on your Canvas Dashboard.

Once in Canvas, you can:

Finding All Canvas Courses You Have Access To

You can find a list of all Canvas course sites that you have access to:

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