Jadu CXM: Set Up Workflows for XFP Forms

This self-help guide takes you through the process of setting up workflows for Jadu XFP forms. It covers the process of gathering the required information, creating the case in CXM, and then connecting your XFP form to the CXM.

Getting Started

Is CXM Right for You?

Learn About Access and Support

Understanding and Planning

While not required, it is strongly suggested you follow these steps and build out a Workbook. Doing so helps you the overall process and speeds up the configuration of your CXM Workflow.

Configure a CXM Workflow

Set Up Case Type In CXM

Set up XFP Forms to work with CXM

The first form submission from XFP will open a case and send an email with URL to the next form.

All CXM cases must reach a final status at the end of the process. No cases should be left open indefinitely.

Advanced Features and Data

Additional Workflow Options

Additional Resources