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WiFi Network

UMN WiFi: Your fast, secure and reliable connection to the U.

Retired: This article has been retired and redirected to the WiFi Network Service Details page technology page.

Three tips for making the most of your UMN WiFi experience:

  • Use "UofM Secure"

    As the official wireless network of the University of Minnesota, "UofM Secure" is the fastest and most secure of the WiFi networks on campus (see Choose the Right UMN WiFi Network) and is created specifically for UMN students, faculty and staff. Simply select "UofM Secure" from the WiFi network options and enter your User ID and password.

  • Take control of your WiFi experience!

    Did you know that many WiFi connectivity problems are the result of settings or other issues on individual users' computers and mobile devices? The good news is many of these can be easily be fixed. Learn how to take control of your WiFi experience.

  • Help us make UMN WiFi even better

    UMN IT continually looks for opportunities to enhance and fine-tune the U's WiFi network. As the most frequent users of the network, students, faculty and staff have an important role to play. Find out how you can help!

Help Us Make UMN WiFi Even Better!

You can help improve and fine-tune the University’s WiFi network. If you encounter a location with poor WiFi connectivity, take two minutes to report it.