Why the University Uses Duo

The University of Minnesota provides Duo Security to help students, faculty, and staff safeguard themselves against cybercrime. Duo Security (two-factor authentication) is required  at the UMN Sign-In page. The Sign-In page is the University’s gateway to applications such as MyU, G Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc.) Canvas, and many others.

Duo: something you know (UMN internet ID and password) + something you have (a device with Duo) = secure access

UMN users required to use Duo include current students, faculty, staff, sponsored, and person-of-interest (POI) accounts.

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Enroll Now

Enroll in Duo Security today!

  1. Sign in to my-account.umn.edu.
  2. From the left navigation, select Duo Security.
  3. Select Create or Manage Duo Account and complete the steps as prompted.
  4. From the my-account left navigation, select Enable Duo Security, then click Submit.

If you need assistance, contact Technology Help.

Why Do We Need Duo Security?

Passwords simply aren't enough anymore. Over the past few years, phishing and identity-theft crimes have increased in higher ed. Some of our peer institutions have suffered large-scale phishing attacks. At our own University, faculty, staff, and students have had paychecks, tax returns, and financial aid stolen as a result of password theft.

By requiring you to verify your identity with a device, Duo adds another layer of security in front of the information, accounts, and assets you access online (even in the event your password is stolen).

Once you have enrolled, you will be able to deny access to your accounts (on your Duo-enrolled device) if someone else is trying to sign in as you.

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What Is Duo Security?

Similar to the technology many banks use, Duo Security uses two-factor authentication to confirm that the person trying to access your accounts is actually you.

  1. When you visit a secured UMN application, you provide something you know: Your UMN Internet ID and password.
  2. You verify who you are with something you have (your smartphone, tablet, or cell phone).
  3. You are granted secure access to the application.

Once you have enrolled, you will be able to deny access to your accounts (on your Duo-enrolled device) if someone is trying to sign in as you.

Get In-Person Help with Duo Enrollment

If you have questions or want a little extra help enrolling, visit a walk-in location on your campus for hands-on help. Bring your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Check hours on each campus' Technology Help page: Twin CitiesCrookstonDuluthMorrisRochester.


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