Tips for Using Duo

These tips will help you use Duo effectively so that you maintain access to University applications and keep your information more secure.

Use "Duo Push," when possible.

  • While using a phone, the "Call me" authentication option is the best option for some, but we encourage users to consider using the Duo app on a mobile device for the most seamless login experience.

Save time and money.

  • Use the Remember Me feature so that you only need to sign in to Duo once every seven days.
  • Bonus! You might also help save the University money. If you use the Call Me function, depending on location, every phone call costs the University between $.02 to $2.30. Using Remember Me, reduces the number of calls Duo needs to make. If you can use the Duo Push option, there is no additional charge to you or the University.

Be prepared.

  • Set up at least one backup device. To make sure you're able to sign in even if your default device is unavailable, set up a backup device. Learn more about which devices you can enroll.
  • Generate bypass codes in advance. In some situations, you may not be able to use a mobile device to authenticate (for instance, you forgot your mobile device at home, or your device is broken). You can proactively generate bypass codes to use, one at a time, for a period of 1 year to make sure you can sign in anytime, anywhere. 
  • Verify your default device. Your default device is where Duo sends requests to verify that it’s really you trying to access University systems. It's a good idea to check your account periodically to make sure your most frequently used device is designated as the default.

Reactivate a Device and Troubleshoot Duo issues.

New device?

Be watchful.

  • Never approve a Duo Security push notification, call, or code that you did not initiate yourself. Inappropriate access is what Duo is designed to prevent. 

Update your device's operating system and apps.

  • Ensure that you have the latest features and security patches by updating your device's operating system and Duo Mobile App. See your device's application store for the latest software versions.
  • Please note: Older operating systems that are no longer supported may not be able to upgrade to new application versions. If your phone can no longer accept Duo push, you may wish to contact Technology Help to request a Duo token.