Duo: Set Up and Use Duo Security

Duo Security is the University's way of adding another layer of security to the information you access online. As of November 2019, it is required for all students, faculty, staff, sponsored, and Person-of-Interest accounts.  Each user’s requirement begins when they reset their UMN password - but you can opt into Duo earlier than that if you like.  This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and using Duo Two-Factor Authentication.
Please note: once you have opted in to Duo Security at Sign in, it is not possible to opt out.

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Understand Duo

Duo two-factor authentication enhances security by adding a second layer of authentication to your login. Duo is stronger than a password alone because there are two factors confirming you are who you say you are: something you have (such as your phone or device) and something you know (your password).

Frequently asked questions about Duo

Set up Duo

We recommend setting up multiple devices as a backup in case your primary device is lost or broken.

Use Duo

Make Changes to My Duo

Troubleshoot Duo

Duo Help

If you have a secondary method already configured, use that. If not, follow the instructions for getting override codes.