Duo: Set Up and Use Duo Security

Duo Security adds an additional layer of security to the information you access online. The University requires the use of Duo for current students, faculty, staff, person-of-interest (POI) and for accounts that require more secure access. This guide walks you through the process of setting up and using Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.

Get Started

Understand Duo

Duo multi-factor authentication enhances security by adding an additional layer of authentication to your log-in information. Duo protects you by verifying your identity in multiple ways: using something you know (your password) and something you have (such as your phone or device).

Duo provides many different options to verify your identity. If you have questions or concerns about using Duo, contact your Disability Resource Center.

Set up Duo

Set up multiple devices or authentication methods so you can always authenticate with Duo.

Use Duo

Sign In with Duo

There are many ways to authenticate using Duo. Plan ahead by adding at least two methods of authentication to verify your identity.

Manage Your Duo Devices

Troubleshoot Duo

Duo Help

If you have a backup method already set up, use it to sign in. If not, follow the instructions for additional options.

Remove lost or stolen devices from your account immediately. If your lost or stolen device is University-owned, report it to Technology Help as soon as possible.

Your Duo account can become locked after multiple failed authentication attempts. If lockout occurs, you must wait 15 minutes after the most recent authentication attempt. If you continue to experience issues after 15 minutes, please contact Technology Help for more support.

You can authenticate without an internet connection or cell service by using a Duo Mobile passcode or bypass code on your primary or backup device. If you have access to a landline you can authenticate with Call Me.

If Duo is not working for you, try these troubleshooting options:

  • Refresh your page and sign in again.
  • Close and reopen your browser window
  • Try a different browser
  • Clear cache and cookies