TDX Knowledge: Edit the Content of an Article

To edit an article, you first have to create a draft revision.

  • Technicians can create and publish draft revisions for any knowledge articles owned by them or by their Group, until the article has been submitted for approval.
  • Once submitted for approval, only knowledge editors will be able to create draft revisions.
    • Group Knowledge Editors can create and publish draft revisions for any articles owned by their Group.
    • Global Knowledge Editors can create and publish draft revisions for any article regardless of ownership.

This article covers making changes to an article's Content and/or Subject (title). 

Editing an article's content

  1. Search the Knowledge Base for the article you want to edit. 
  2. Click the link to the article you want to edit. The article will open in View mode.
  3. Click Edit Article in the sidebar. The page refreshes to the Content tab in edit mode.
    Contents tab in Edit mode. Additional menu options include Settings, Permissions, Related Articles, Files, Revisions, Read by, and Shortcuts.
  4. Edit the article content.
    1. Revise the Body text as needed
      • Use the editing toolbar to make formatting changes.
        WYSIWYG editor toolbars
    2. Edit or Insert Links for either a Table of Contents or to external resources.
    3. Add Images.
  5. Click Update Article. A confirmation message appears in green below the Content tab saying "You have updated this article to a new revision.
    article menu bar and confirmation message
  6. View the edited article to check your changes.
    1. Go to the breadcrumbs under the menu bar
    2. Click the article's breadcrumb.
      Example of breadcrumbs for an article, with the final link to the view mode of the article highlighted. The text of the link is the Subject (title) of the article.
      The page will refresh to display the article.

Additional Resources

Edit the Settings of an Article - includes the steps to Changing the Ownership of an Article.

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