TDX Knowledge: Change the Ownership of an Article

When you create a Knowledge Base article, you will be identified as the Owner. It is good practice to change the ownership to the appropriate Group so all members of the Group can work on the article before it is submitted for approval.

Changing the Ownership of the article

  1. Find your article if necessary. 
    • If you still own the article, click the My Articles tab to quickly find articles owned by you.
  2. Click the Edit Article button. The article opens in Edit mode on the Content tab.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll to the Owner field and change it to the appropriate Group.
    • Important: If you need to be able to continue to edit the article, do not change the owner to someone else or to a Group you are not a member of. Otherwise, unless you are a Global Editor, you will no longer be able to edit the article.
      Owner field in Settings. If you are a Technician or a Group editor, you will see the following message below the Owner field: Since you do not have the "Edit all Articles" permission, if you change the owner you will no longer be able to edit this article.
    1. Remove yourself as the Owner
    2. Owner: Start typing a person's name or a Group name. You can also use the Lookup Owner option if need be. The Assignment Lookup window opens with options for filtering results. 
      1. Type your search term. 
        • You can leave all the filter options as is to search for Groups. 
      2. Press Enter or click the Search button. The list filters in place.
        Radio button options filtering results: Employees (selected), non Employees, or both. Grouped separately: people, groups, or both.
      3. Click the appropriate Group link. The Assignment Lookup window closes. The Owner field is populated with the Group name.
        Owner field in Settings populated with a Group (T2  Video/Collab/Storage/Hosting)
  5. Check Notify Owner on Feedback.
  6. Click Save. A "Changes saved" message appears in red above the Category field under the menu bar.
    Settings tab with Changes saved message.
  7. Click the article's breadcrumb (above the article title).
    Example of breadcrumbs for an article, with the final link to the view mode of the article highlighted. The text of the link is the Subject (title) of the article.
    The page refreshes to display the article. The Details section in the sidebar reflects the new Owner.
  8. Close the article window.
    Details of an article showing Article ID, Status, Revision Number, whether it is Published and/or Public, the Owner, Created and Modified dates.

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