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All technicians can view all Knowledge Base articles regardless of an article's status or ownership. 

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Searching the Knowledge Base

  1. Sign in to TDX and select Client Portal
    • If you are already signed into TDX, click the Applications menu and select Client Portal. A new window (tab) opens.
  2. Click Knowledge Base in the menu bar. The Knowledge Base opens. 
  3. Click Search in the menu bar. The Search page appears with multiple search options. Note: By default, the Status filter is set to Approved.
    TDX search page with search criteria options including category, published status, public status, owner, created date and review date.
  4. Choose your search option(s). 
    • Search: Enter your search terms. 
    • Status: Use the dropdown menu to search by status (default is Approved). You can use the checkboxes to search by one or more statuses. 
      TDX knowledge statuses: Select All, Not Submitted, Submitted, Approver, Rejected, archived. Not Submitted and Submitted selected.d.
    • Category: Start typing or use the Lookup Category option. The Knowledge Base Category Lookup window will open. 
      1. Always Search by Both. Public does not mean published to the IT website (
      2. Select the Include Subcategories checkbox if you want to include articles intended for a specific audience in your search results.
    • Owner: Start typing a person's name or a Group name. You can also use the Lookup Owner option if need be. The Assignment Lookup window opens with options for filtering results. 
      1. Type your search term. 
        • You can leave all the filter options as is to search for Groups. 
      2. Press Enter or click the Search button. The list filters in place.
        Radio button options filtering results: Employees (selected), Non Employees, or both. Grouped separately: people, groups, or both.
    • Review Date: Enter From and/or To dates.
    • Published, Unpublished,or Both (default) radio button options. 
      • Select Published to limit your search to articles published to the IT website (
    • Public, Not Public,or Both (default) radio button options. Public means the article is viewable in the Client Portal with no login. None of our articles should be marked Public. 
      • Leave this option as Both.
    • Created Date: Enter From and/or To dates.
  5. Click Search. A list of articles meeting your search criteria appears below the Search options.
    Note: Search results are limited to 300.
    Example search for term "ethos." Status: Not Submitted, Submitted, Approved. Both selected for Published or Unpublished. Both selected for Public or Not Public. Draft Status: A. Owner group chosen. Matching article displayed
  6. Click the link to the article.

Using Other Knowledge Base Menu Bar Options

You can narrow down your search for an article using the filters on the menu bar.
TDX Knowledge menu bar showing My Articles, My Favorites, Articles Pending Review, Search History, Feedback, Archived Articles, and Search

  • My Articles - a list of any articles you own with options for modifying the search. Note: this list does not contain articles owned by your Group(s). 
  • My Favorites - all articles you have marked as a Favorite
  • Articles Pending Review (editors only) - a list of all articles that have been submitted for approval with options for modifying the search. Articles whose Next Review date has arrived do NOT appear in this list.   
  • Feedback - search options for viewing feedback that defaults to a list of articles you own (if any) filtered to show only those that have unaddressed feedback. You have several options for modifying the list criteria. 
    • Article
    • Left By
    • Owner
    • Helpful, Not Helpful, Both
    • Addressed, Not Addressed, Both
      Feedback search options: Can start typing or click search icon for: Article; Left By; Owner. Radio buttons: Helpful, not helpful, both (selected). Radio buttons: Addressed, not addressed (selected), both.
  • Archived Articles - the Search options interface with a default status of Archived listing all articles that have been archived. 
    Search fields with Status: Archived selected.

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