Enterprise CRM: Create Bios from an Organization record

What Are Bios?

Bios records are powerful tools that allow you to assign information about a contact or organization to the Contact or Organization record within Enterprise CRM. There are various Bios record types to accommodate assignment of different types of information, with more fields available than a Tag or Note.

In addition to providing information to users within CRM they can be a tool for making associations between records that can be shown through reporting. You may want to review Bios record types prior to beginning this process if you are unsure which type of Bio you want to create.

This article covers instructions on how to add Bios from an Organization record and is best used when adding more than one Bios record to a particular Organization or if you are already on the Organization record.

  • If you are working with a Contact instead of an Organization and/or you would like to add more than one Bios record to a particular Contact record you will want to follow the instructions to Create Bios from a Contact record.
  • If you are creating multiple Bios associated with all different records you will want to follow the instructions to Create Bios from the Bios Home Tab.

What Are My Privacy Options?

Enterprise CRM has records that it shares across all business units and organizations. The Bios record type is one of those records and is considered public.

This means that any information you put into a Bios record and associate with a Contact or Organization will show on those records for any other user of Enterprise CRM, regardless of business unit.

Navigate to the Organization record (if needed)

  1. If you have enough information to find the Organization you may want to use the Global Search bar.
  2. If you do not have enough information to search or are working from a specific List View click on the Organizations Tab if showing in your default tabs or click on the All Tabs (+) button and select Organizations in the list.
  3. From Organizations Home you can either click on the name of the Organization, if showing in your default View, or select the appropriate selection from the dropdown in the View: Menu and click Go!
  4. Once the appropriate Organization is visible click on the Organization Name in the list to bring up the Organization record.

Create a Bios record

  1. Once on the Organization record there are two ways to get to creating a Bios record:
    • At the top of the Organization record hovering over the text for Bios brings up a window where the New Bios button is able to be clicked.
    • Further down on the page underneath the Organization Detail there is a Bios section of the page where there is a New Bios button that is able to the clicked.
  2. From the dropdown on the Select Bio Record Type screen choose the desired Bio Record Type and click Continue.
    A screenshot of the Select <span class='HA-spellcheck-error'>Bio</span> Record Type screen with record types showing on the screen and in the expanded View menu
  3. This brings up the New Bio screen where information is able to be filled in as needed. This will largely be determined by internal business practices.
  4. If you have all of the information filled in and you would like to create another Bio for this particular Organization click Save & New to be brought back to Step 2.
    A screenshot showing the Save and New button
  5. If you have all of the information filled in and you are done adding Bios click Save to be brought to the Bio record.
    A screenshot showing the Save button