Enterprise CRM: Manually Create Tags

What Are Tags?

Tags are a way to associate information with Contact, Organization, and/or Lead records within CRM. They are a bit like Bio records but differ in several important ways. 

Tag record names are free text fields, so you are able to name and categorize information using Tags in a slightly more flexible way than Bios records. However, this also comes at a cost of less available and less targeted fields to fill in.

Another important distinction is that Tag records are private, whereas Bios records are public to all Enterprise CRM users. When and how to use Tags will be determined by your internal business processes.

What Are My Privacy Options?

Tag is a record type that is private to your business unit. Any information within the Tag record is private to your business unit. Any record associations with the Tag are also private to your business unit.

Create Tags

  1. Click on the Tags Tab if showing in your default tabs or click on the All Tabs (+) in the Navigation Bar from the homepage and click on Tags in the list.
  2. From Tags Home click NewThis brings up the New Tag Page.
  3. Once on the New Tag screen fields can be manipulated as needed and will vary based on your internal business practices.
    • Tag is where you will enter the name of the tag and this will largely be determined by internal business practices. Check to see if your business unit is using any standard naming conventions.
    • Description allows you to put more information on the Tag such as when to use the tag or providing additional context for a naming convention. Check with internal business practices to see how your business unit uses this field.
    • The Inactive checkbox allows you to indicate whether the Tag is active or not.
  4. If all desired fields have been filled out click Save to be brought to the Tag record where you can now Add New Tag Assignments.