Enterprise CRM: Add New Tag Assignments

What Are Tags?

Tags are a way to associate information with Contact, Organization, and/or Lead records within CRM. They are a bit like Bio records but differ in several important ways. 

Tag record names are free text fields, so you are able to name and categorize information using Tags in a slightly more flexible way than Bios records. However, this also comes at a cost of less available and less targeted fields to fill in.

Another important distinction is that Tag records are private, whereas Bios records are public to all Enterprise CRM users. When and how to use Tags will be determined by your internal business processes.

What Are My Privacy Options?

Tag is a record type that is private to your business unit. Any information within the Tag record is private to your business unit. Any record associations with the Tag are also private to your business unit.

Adding a New Tag Assignment

  1. Navigate to the parent record (Contact, Organization, etc.) that you'd like to add the Tag to.
    • If you're making at Tag that you'd like to add to multiple records you can do this from the Tag Tab.
  2. From the record there are two ways to get to creating a New Tag Assignment
    • At the top of the Contact record hovering over the text for Tag Assignments brings up a window where the New Tag Assignment button is able to be clicked.
    • Further down on the page underneath the record Detail there is a Tag Assignments section of the page where there is a New Tag Assignment button that is able to the clicked.
  3. Once on the New Tag Assignment screen fields can be manipulated as needed. How you manipulate these fields will likely be determined by internal business processes and some information may already be filled in from the parent record.
    • Tag allows you to use the Lookup icon to find and associate a Tag record as needed.
    • Organization allows you to use the Lookup icon to find and associate an Organization record as needed.
    • Contact allows you to use the Lookup icon to find and associate a Contact record as needed.
    • Lead allows you to use the Lookup icon to find and associate a Lead record as needed.
    • Case allows you to use the Lookup icon to find and associate a Case record as needed.
  4. Fill in all desired fields for the Tag Assignment and if you would like to add another Tag Assignment for this record click on Save & New at the top or bottom of the screen.
  5. Fill in all desired fields for the Tag Assignment and if you are done adding Tag Assignments to the current record click on Save to be brought to the Tag Assignment record.

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