There are a variety of options for online file storage depending on what your needs are and the type of data you need to store (see the Data Security Classifi


You may activate a Qualtrics account using: 
If you have questions about accounts, access, groups, ownership changes, or availability of features on your UMN Qualtrics account, contact the
You can activate your University of Minnesota (UMN) Qualtrics account, migrate an existing Qualtrics account, and review existing knowledge to effectively use your account.
There are a variety of different ways to recruit survey participants. We have created a decision tree guide to help you determine where to get a contact list.
Transferring Survey Ownership to Another Individual in the UMN System If you are the owner of a UMN Qualtrics survey and wish to transfer ownership to another UMNQualtrics account, contact the
If your name, Internet ID or Email address are incorrect in Qualtrics: Send an email to: [email protected]. Include your old name, Internet ID, or email address and the new one, and request that we update these values.
About User Groups Qualtrics user groups offer you a way to share Qualtrics mailing lists and
Set up a University-Branded Email using Qualtrics Qualtrics Mass Email Requirements Email sent from Qualtrics must follow the
In the previous version of UM Analytics (OBIEE 11g), any analysis that appeared on a dashboard would automatically run as soon as it was opened. This was often problematic and could cause performance issues.

IT Community Group

Enterprise Data Management and Reporting (EDMR) is the organization supporting efforts to achieve the full value of the University’s data and information assets.
RDM is a Google Group for researchers and on-campus service providers to discuss research data management issues related to storage, security, archiving, sharing, preservation, and beyond.
The Tableau Special Interest Group (SIG) is a Google Group used to communicate information about the Tableau Server, provide support to site administrators, give authors a venue to share their work, and develop a stro
The UM Analytics User Group is a resource for those who have completed the UM Analytics author training for creating dashboards and analyses.
The University Data Community is everyone who is interested in and works with University data. We support community members involved in data management, reporting, and analytics.


This article from outlines thirteen questions you can use to help you draft your content strategy.
This article from the social media blog reviews the results of the content audit that they conducted on their site. The article provides a number of tips and takeaways on how to conduct a content audit.
This article from, they have compiled some of the content types commonly encountered in higher ed and some special considerations for managing them effectively.
In this video Karen McGrane will discuss why you need to deliver content wherever your customer wants to consume it — and what the risks are when you don’t make content accessible to mobile users.
Oracle's PeopleSoft applications are the basis for a great number of the University's mission critical functions.
Focus groups help you generate ideas by listening to your current and prospective users discuss their experiences and expectations with one another. Focus groups can provide:
Use this currated list of resources to find free web asseccibility tools.
This article from review the process of conducting a content audit including what to include and where to begin.
This article from illustrates the "long tail" of search demands. This helps people decide what to keep, what to expand on, and stuf
A template for creating page tables.
PeopleSoft queries provide users with operational real-time data. View available queries through the Query Viewer or build a query in Query Manager.
Personas help you get out of your own head when you are writing content and designing your product. Personas are:
Use this RACI chart template for your project
Rapid prototyping is a helpful approach when you want feedback on an early design. At this stage, the design can be on paper or screen.
A definition of what "soft launch" entails.
Whether you are a novice or an advanced user, there are many ways to learn more about how to utilize Tableau! Below are just some of the resources you can explore:
Task-based Usability Evaluations are useful when your design is getting close to being fully functional but you still have some ability to change the interface or content.
In academia, we’re notorious for using older, “fancy”, ten-dollar words, when plain language would be clearer and more effective.
"User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies." This article from reviews the variou
Examples of simple, precise words and phrases you might substitute in your writing
Your content is the most important part of your site.
The Reporting Center contains enterprise reports from UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft.
Part of a research-based guide that covers writing actionable content