Enterprise Applications: Printer List

Oracle's PeopleSoft applications are the basis for a great number of the University's mission critical functions. Other enterprise applications integrate with PeopleSoft to provide specific functionality to select user populations. The information on this page is published for University of Minnesota business analysts and technology staff who are authorized to access these systems.

The printer listed in the table below are centrally defined to some enterprise applications for printing reports and ad-hoc queries, including PeopleSoft modules and related applications.

The data in the table below was last updated on August 18, 2011. If your printer is not represented on this page as you would like, email [email protected] to have it updated.

CampusBuildingDepartmentRoomPrinter NameManufacturerModel
MplsDonhowe BuildingEmployee Benefits230TCDONH230TSHToshibae-Studio281C
MplsDonhowe HallHuman Resources119TCDonh119L8150HPLJ8150DN
MplsLaw CenterLaw Center285TCLAW285HP4050HPLJ 4050
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102benadvXeroxX6135,X6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102d0Xeroxx6135,x6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102d3Xeroxx6135,x6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102payadvXeroxX6135,X6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102s0XeroxX6135,X6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102s3XeroxX6135,X6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102sfbillivXeroxX6135,X6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102stufinXeroxx6135,x6180
MplsPrinting Services BuildingCCO102yearendXeroxx6135,x6180
MplsWBOBOHR-HRMS538hr002HPLaser Jet 8150
MplsWBOBPayroll545TCWBOB545LexT6LexmarkOptra T612
MplsWBOBPayroll545TCWBOB545LexT6LexmarkOptra T612
RochesterUniversity SquareStudent Affairs369ROSS112LXE250LexmarkE250dn

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