Telephone Pricing & Guides

When you order voice service, you may also need a new telephone. Telephone availability differs depending on your location. The prices below reflect the cost of the phone hardware/software only. Additional costs, such as any potential wiring or installation and one-time fees, are also applicable. 

Employee phones remain the property of the employee's department after the employee leaves. Managers can return the phone to the Office of Information Technology, but no credit is given for returned phones. 

To order a new phone:

Mitel 6863

The Mitel 6863 single-line telephone works with the Clearspan platform to offer voice over IP (VoIP) service. Features include HD audio, 2-way speakerphone, and a monochrome LCD 2.75” 128x48 pixel graphical display. 

Mitel 6863 phone

Mitel 6869

The Mitel 6869 multiple line telephone works with the Clearspan platform to offer voice over IP (VoIP) service. Features include up to 12 lines, 2-way speakerphone, and a 4.3” color LCD screen.

Mitel 6869 phone

Clearspan Communicator App

The Clearspan Communicator app allows a University phone number to make and receive calls from any device, at any location, on any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android platform.

  • One-time license fees:
    • Desktop: $35.40
    • Mobile: $35.40
    • Tablet: $35.40


The ITE12-SD digital telephone is used in conjunction with multiple telephone lines. Features of the ITE12-SD are similar to the ITE30-SD only in a much smaller model. It is designed for use with a telephone handset but supports use of headsets which may be purchased separately. This phone is available for required areas.

ITE12-SD phone


ITE30-SD digital telephones are used for multiple line reception desks and in call centers at the University of Minnesota. It may be programmed to work as a multiple line telephone, or as an Automatic Call Distribution Agent for call center management. This set is designed for use with a telephone handset. Telephone headsets may be purchased separately and are supported by this model. This phone is available for required areas.

ITE30-SD phone

9116LP Analog Phone

The Single line Telephone Equipment with Speaker Display in Black is the current model analog telephone used with the University of Minnesota telephone system. This product is used for new telephone orders and as a replacement for repair of STE-SD sets. Unlike the "fluttering" red light of other University phones, the voicemail notification on this set presents customers with a solid red light.

9116LP analog phone


The Standard Telephone Equipment for a Wall (STEW) is a single-line analog telephone set that has been designed to be wall mounted.

STEW wall phone


OIT offers telephones in die cast aluminum protective metal boxes for durable outdoor use. This single-line analog telephone is perfect to use outside a building for after hour access. Telephone programming can include campus-only calls or a hot line to a specific number.

Weather phone


Please visit Disability Services website at for more information on this phone.

Guides for retired phone models:

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