Voice Services: Monthly Service & Delivery Rates

This article discusses the voice service rates. Non-University funded customers using an agency fund and those who do not get charged via a University EFS account are billed for recurring monthly service and delivery charges.

One Time Order Charges

VOICE SERVICES - One Time Order Charges
Service FY24 Charge
Field Labor time - Internal (per hour) $89.31
Changes to existing service that do not require a site visit. For example: long distance, voicemail, call waiting, etc. $42.93
Work order charge for adding, moving, or connecting a service $76.11
Call Center Standard $212.40
Call Center Premium $580.56
Call Center PC Supervisor $1,182.36
Call Center PC Agent $587.64

Monthly Charges

VOICE SERVICES - Monthly Charges
Service FY24 Charge
Phone Line with Voicemail and features $30.00
ACD Group Charge $139.03
Auto Attendant $88.14
Extension Jack $41.23
1-800 Toll Free Monthly Service Charge $10.04
National Long Distance Direct Dialed from on-campus (per minute) $0.03
International Calls (per minute) Varies


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