TDX Knowledge: Archive an Article

When an article has reached the end of its useful life, it should be archived. 

Before archiving an article

In general, only a knowledge editor from the Owner group should archive an article.

Before archiving an article:

  • Check for referring links.
  • Communicate with other stakeholders before changing the article's status in TDX, such as training or other support teams.

Archiving an article 

  1. Search the Knowledge Base for the article you want to archive.
  2. Open the article and click on the Edit Article button. 
  3. Edit the content:
    1. Add the text "ARCHIVED:" to the beginning of the Subject.
    2. Add a reason for archiving to the beginning of the Body.
      • Examples: 
        • Archived: Technology no longer supported
        • Archived: See [new article link] for current information.
    3. Scroll down and click Save and Publish.
  4. Click the Settings tab. 
  5. Change the Status to Archived. Any article Published to KB will immediately have that flag removed.
    status field showing Archived; published to KB box not checked; message text: "An article cannot be published to the knowledge base unless it has a status of "Approved"." 
  6. Click Save. The Details view indicates the article is no longer Published.
    details view showing article is not published
    The article will now appear under the Archived Articles tab.