Drupal Lite: Default General Page Layout

A General Page is one of the default content types in Drupal Lite. The other content types are Biography and News/Blog.

The General Page content type is for displaying general information. There are fields for:

The Title will be the title of the page, and will have the format sitename.umn.edu/title-of-general-page. The default layout is a header region and two columns below. The layout can be changed using the layout builder, and additional content blocks can be added to the page.

The fields are arranged in this order:

the default layout of a general page showing Media block in the header region, a wider left region with the general page body and tags, and a narrower right region with the folwell components.

And the default view of a General Page is:

the view of a general page. Shows a title at the top; an image of the saint paul campus in the header region; the body and tags in the left region, and an accordion in the right region.

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