Drupal Lite: Default News/Blog Page Layout

A News/Blog is one of the default content types in Drupal Lite. The other content types are Biography and General Page.

The Biography content type is for displaying biographical information. There are fields for:

  • Title
  • Lede. The lede will be displayed in content lists/views. It is usually the first sentence of the news/blog post, or some enticing snippet to encourage visitors to click to read more.
  • News/Blog Body
  • News/Blog Media
  • Folwell Components. Learn more about Folwell Components.
  • Tags. Learn more about using Tags.

The Title will appear at the top of the page, and will also be the basis of the URL: <site>.umn.edu/title. The default layout is a header region with two columns below. The layout can be changed using the layout builder, and additional content blocks can be added to the page.

The fields are placed on the page in this order:

the default layout for a news/blog page. the left column has news/blog body and folwell components. the right column has authored on, authored by, and tags.

And the default view of a News/Blog is:

the default view of a news/blog page.

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