Example 242: Pending Mails

A common scam is to inform you of pending email messages.

Email scams play on human emotions such as curiosity, greed, or fear. Telling you of a pending email message or package is a common ploy. 

Indicators of Phishing

  • [UNVERIFIED] in the subject line
  • Sense of urgency: “pending till proper action is taken by you”
  • URLs are not umn.edu
  • Slightly broken English
  • Extra assurances of validity “from umn.edu trusted source,” copyright statement

What to do if you receive one of these:

  • Do not reply or click the link(s).
  • Forward the scam email, with headers, to [email protected].
  • Report it as phishing to Google. In Gmail, click the three-dot More menu next to Reply and choose Report phishing to help educate Google's filters to block similar messages in the future.
  • For more information, please see: How to Manage Spam Emails 


From: IT support umn.edu <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 2:24 AM

Subject: [UNVERIFIED] ( [email protected] ) You have pending mails

To: <[email protected]>

Message is from umn.edu trusted source

You have Six{6} pending mails clustered on your cloud due to low mailbox storage capacity.

Logon to increase mailbox storage and release pending messages to your inbox following below instruction.


<hxxps://metallomax[.]com/[email protected]> * CLEAN-UP CLOUD

<hxxps://metallomax[.]com/[email protected]>*

Mails will remain pending till proper action is taken by you.

Messages older than 10 days will be removed

Best Regards,

umn.edu Mail Admin.


This e-mail notification was sent to [email protected]

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