Issue: You are trying to install a software package that will allow you to get different outputs for your data in STATA 16 and the installation fails.
This article contains instructions on how to access the AppsToGo demo Apps and demo Desktop.
Before using Apps and Desktops through AppsToGo to complete coursework, be sure you understand the following considerations to successfully use Apps for assignment completion.
When you use AppsToGo, you have many choices of where to save (or print) your work. These instructions will guide you through how to turn off the ability to save files to your computer's local hard drive.
This resource communicates known issues with using AppsToGo and directs you where to report new issues.
This article describes how to log in to AppsToGo and access Apps after you have completed Step 1: Install Citrix Workspace (formerly Receiver) and Step 2: Link Your Google Drive in th
This article is for users who use the Citrix Workspace (formerly, Citrix Receiver) application on their computer to access AppsToGo.  
You will need to register your Google Drive before accessing AppsToGo. This registration is done via a service called Kumo.
The first page you see after logging on to AppsToGo is your Favorites. All apps that you have access to show up in your Favorites by default.
All students who can access the CSE computer labs automatically have access to the following Apps:
Security By default, AppsToGo is designed to be secure and is password protected. It is recommended to save your work files to Google Drive or network-attached drive.
Instructions: To access AppsToGo with Chrome Web Browser on Windows or Mac OS X, you will need to associate the AppsToGo session file with the Citrix application. You should only need to do this once.
AppsToGo provides a portal for users of Windows (mobile, phone, desktop), Mac (iPad/iPhone and OSX), and Android to connect to a collection of virtual Apps.
AppsToGo is a client virtualization service that allows you to use certain discipline-specific software (Apps) on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
All AppsToGo apps and desktops run from a virtual server. The virtual server looks like a real computer, but the drives don't save data.

Self-Help Guides

This guide walks you through how to gain access to virtual apps available through AppsToGo, the University of Minnesota's Application Delivery Infastructure.