AppsToGo: Known Issues

This resource communicates known issues with using AppsToGo and directs you where to report new issues.

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Not able to log in via a Web browser

If you are having problems accessing AppsToGo via a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge), the solution is to clear your browser cache and cookies


  • Log in does not work at all.
  • Login is successful but returns a blank page.


Not able to log in via Citrix Workspace (formerly, Receiver)

If you are having problems accessing AppsToGo via Citrix Receiver, the solution is to either use a web browser to access AppsToGo or reconfigure Citrix Workspace.


Chrome Web Browser Issues

NOTE: Chromebooks or ChromeOS must use the Citrix Workspace App which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, NOT the Chrome Web Browser.  If your Chrome device cannot access the Google Play Store please email [email protected] with information about your device (model, specifications) and operating system (type, version.)

Security Certificates

  • If you are using MacOS X (Apple computer) and cannot use AppsToGo due to Security Certificate error which may read "You have not chosen to trust "InCommon RSA Server CA", the issuer of the server's security certificate. Contact your help desk for assistance."

Security Certificate Error Window

  • Workaround:
    1. Go to and download the Eduroam installer for the University of Minnesota.
    2. Run the installer, which should install the certificate Citrix is looking for.
    3. Restart the computer.
    4. Try logging on to AppsToGo again.
    5. If problems persist, contact [email protected]
  • For Linux OS certificate issues and configuration see Using AppToGo in Ubunto 20.04 with Firefox.

Pop-Up Messages (common with Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers)

  • Upon logging in to AppsToGo: Allow, Always Allow, Trust, Accept or Enable any pop-ups that may appear in your browser.

Network connectivity, slowness, or lagging

  • Your web browser may show that you have been disconnected from AppsToGo. This message is only because the web browser logs out of the AppsToGo sign-in portal after the browser has been inactive for a while. This is normal and does not affect your active use of an AppsToGo app.  You may safely ignore the web browser disconnection message. 

Reporting Issues

If you have issues using AppsToGo, please call 1-HELP (612-301-4357) or email [email protected].



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