AppsToGo: Consider Limitations and Restrictions

Before using Apps and Desktops through AppsToGo to complete coursework, be sure you understand the following considerations to successfully use Apps for assignment completion.

Assignment Considerations

  • To prevent data loss due to inactivity timeouts, sessions should not be left idle or disconnected with unsaved work. Batch queuing is not supported.
  • Application licenses are on a first-come, first-served basis. Most Apps have restrictions on how many users can be accessing the app at the same time. For that reason, there is a possibility of apps being unavailable during peak work times.
  • In general, AppsToGo behaves like a public computer in a lab. Work must be saved to a Google Drive or network share as it will not be retained after logging off the AppsToGo session.

AppsToGo Availability Considerations

  • AppsToGo is available 24/7 except for during the routine maintenance period -- every Sunday from 3am - 6am.
  • AppsToGo is rebooted during the routine maintenance period. If you are using AppsToGo during this time, you will receive a message asking you to save your work and log off. Please do so because any work that is unsaved will be lost when AppsToGo reboots.


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