AppsToGo: Security and Privacy


By default, AppsToGo is designed to be secure and is password protected. It is recommended to save your work files to Google Drive or network-attached drive. Please ensure that wherever you save your files, they are secured and backed up.


AppsToGo fully complies with FERPA* privacy policies.

*To the extent the University generates or maintains educational records related to accessing and using AppsToGo under this Agreement, the University will comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and shall limit access to only those school officials with a legitimate educational interest. Student data at the University of Minnesota is governed by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Student educational records are private student data with the exception of directory information. Among other things, this law enables students to suppress some or all of their directory information, such as their Internet IDs and email addresses. Students who do not agree to sharing this information with University staff for the purpose of gaining access to AppsToGo may be denied use of AppsToGo. For example, AppsToGo access rules may require student ID's to be put in an Active Directory group linked to the course they are enrolled in. For more information, read the student guide to FERPA at OneStop. 

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