TDX Request: Search for an Access Request or Service Request Form in the Client Portal

Service Request forms are housed in the Client Portal area of TDX. These forms are also available to users throughout the public-facing website of the group or department that they are associated with. You can search for a form through the website or from within the Client Portal.

Searching for Access or Service Request Forms in the Client Portal

  1. Navigate to the Client Portal tab on your browser.
    • If working in Users (TDNext):
      • Click the Applications menu
      • Click on the Client Portal icon. The Client Portal will open in a new tab.
  2. Select Find Access and Service Request Form in the Service Catalog on the homepage menu.
    Client portal Home menu. Option "Find Access & Services Request Form in the Service Catalog" highlighted
  3. Click Search in the menu.
    Client Portal menu links. Search highlighted.
  4. Use the Search field to find the form you are looking for.
    • Click the Lookup Category button for more search options.
  5. Click the Search button upper left. Search results are displayed below the search form.
  6. Click the title of the form from the list of results. The page will open with some information about that certain request form.
    Sample search showing matching result "Voice & Data Services" from search "Voice and Data."
  7. There are several actions you can take from this area of the Client Portal.
    Example request form page. Options: Request Service, Share, Add to Favorites.

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