TDX Request: Complete a Service Request Form on Behalf of a User (OIT User Support)

You can fill out a request on behalf of a user when the situation warrants. When you do, be sure to open a Service Request ticket in TDNext. Clearly document the situation and what form you filled out on their behalf.

  • Note: Some requests can only be submitted by the Requestor as they may have to vouch for some prerequisite(s). Such forms state in bold (at top) that they cannot be submitted on behalf of another person. See Send a Request Form to a Customer for how to work with these types of requests.

If you add yourself as a Contact to the TDNext Service Request ticket when you fill out a request on behalf of someone else, you can track its progress in the Client Portal. This is especially useful when you are making requests on behalf of employees in your unit such as an equipment request.

  • You can only add yourself as a Contact in the Service Request ticket, not on the request form itself.

This article covers:

Opening a Service Request Ticket in TDNext

  1. Navigate to the U of M Tickets app.
    TDNext tabs; U of M Tickets tab highlighted
  2. Select +New in the menu bar and choose Service Request Form from the dropdown menu. A request ticket opens in a new window.
  3. Fill in the ticket fields based on the information the user gives you. 
  4. Navigate from TDNext to the Client Portal.
  5. Search for the Access or Service Request form in the Client Portal. When you find the appropriate form:
  6. Click Request Service.

    The request form will open in your browser. The breadcrumbs at the top of the form indicate the Type and Service.Breadcrumbs above Request form title showing Type and Service
    • Write down the Type and Service shown in the breadcrumbs to help you fill out those fields in the Service Request ticket.
  7.  Fill out the required fields in the request form.
    1. Use the internet ID and name of the user for the Requestor field.
    2. You will not be able to opt-out of all notifications when you fill out a request form on behalf of a user.
  8. Click Request. A confirmation popup window with the request details will appear.
    Request created successfully. Service request ID highlighted.
  9. Write down the Service Request ID and return to TDNext.

Resolving the Service Request Ticket You Created in TDNext

  1. Navigate to the popup window for the Service Request ticket you opened for the user.
  2. Write a customer-friendly note in the Description area that includes the Service Request ID generated when you submitted the request.
    • Example note: Thank you for contacting the Service Desk. I have submitted a Service Request on your behalf. You will receive the notification for that Service Request ID# in your email as well. Thank you for contacting ….
  3. Check that the Notify Requestor box is checked below the Requestor field.
    Requestor field; Notify Requestor box checked
  4. Make sure all of the required fields in the ticket are filled out appropriately.
    1. Fill out the Type and Service fields based on the breadcrumbs you noted on the Service Request form you filled out for the user.
    2. Fill out the Responsible field to your own Group since you are resolving the ticket.
  5. (Optional) If you want to track the progress of the request you have just filled out on behalf of a user:
    1. Add yourself as a Contact
    2. Check the Notify Contact(s) box.
  6. Scroll back to the top of the ticket and change the Status field to Resolved.
  7. Click Save on the ticket.

Tracking Service Requests You Filled out on Behalf of a User

If you have added yourself as a contact to a Service ticket, you can follow the progress of the request as it progresses through the approval process.

  • View Your Ticket Requests.
    • Requests you have made for yourself will list you as the Requestor. 
    • Requests you have made on behalf of others will list the user as the Requestor.
      List of tickets; Requestor column highlighted; displays 2 names