TDX Requests: Send a Request Form

You can send an Access or Service Request form to a user from the Client Portal so they can fill it out and submit the form on their own. 

If you are a part of a unit that tracks every interaction with a user (OIT Service Desk), follow the directions in Send a Request Form and Document the Interaction article.

Sending the form

  1. Navigate to the Client Portal tab on your browser.
    • If working in TDNext:
      1. Click the Applications menu. 
      2. Click Client Portal. The Client Portal will open in a new tab.
  2. Search for the correct Access or Service Request form.
  3. Click on the title of the form you found from the list of Service Request forms that appear in your search. The page will open with some information about the certain request form.
    The list of forms that came up in the search with the title of the form highlighted
  4. Click the Share button.
    Service page with Share button highlighted
    The Share window pops open with a Recipient(s) field and a Message text box containing the form's URL.
  5. Fill out the Requestor's name in the Recipient field.
  6. Revise the text in the auto-populated Message to make it user-friendly. 
    • Be sure to leave the auto-populated URL in the Message box.
      Share window with Message field auto-populated.
  7. Click Send. The user will receive an email message with the URL to the correct request form which they can then fill out and submit on their own.