TDX Knowledge: Search for Duplicate Knowledge before Creating a New Article

Before creating a new knowledge article, it is important to search for existing resources. These resources could exist in the Knowledge Base, on the University's website, in a document on a local network, or on the public internet.

Searching for duplicate knowledge

Once a knowledge deficiency has been identified, you need to verify an article does not already exist.

  1. Search the Knowledge Base in TDX.
    • Type search terms in the Search field and press enter. Review the returned results. You may need to try several searches using different keywords.
  2. Search the public-facing Technology Help website, again trying various keyword searches pertinent to the topic. Review the returned results.
  3. Use Google for a general search for your topic. Your content should be specific to our environment, but you may find other resources to help you craft an effective article.
  4. Search vendor product web pages.
  5. Look for LinkedIn Learning training.
  6. Ask the appropriate subject matter expert if knowledge exists in other locations.

Additional Information

See Use Curated Content to Create an Article if you find content on the web that should be curated for our environment.