Printing: Add Alderman 305 printer to a Mac

This guide describes how to add the Alderman Hall 305 Canon C6555 printer to Apple computers.

Basic Requirements

Desktop computers connected to the university's network using a physical wire or hardline connection (Ethernet) should be able to connect to the printer using these instructions.

Laptops must be connected to the University Network via ethernet cable or eduroam WiFi network. Connecting to the university's network remotely via the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client also works.

For steps on how to connect to the eduroam wireless network, refer to How to Connect to Eduroam.

Install Using Self Service

JAMF Pro is used for managing university-owned Apple computers. It is also used to deliver new software. If the computer is not joined to JAMF Pro, please contact the Technology Help Desk or follow the instructions to self-enroll

All recently ordered computers should be delivered enrolled in JAMF Pro. Faculty and staff in the department should be able to install the printer by opening Self Service, which is already on their computer: 

  1. Launch Self Service
    1. Open the Applications folder in Finder
    2. Click on the icon for Self Service

    3. Log into Self Service by clicking Log In from the top right. When the log in window appears use your UMN Internet ID and password

  2. Install the printer
    1. Locate the package labelled 305 Alderman - Canon C6555i
      Note: It can be found in the Featured section (shown by default)
    2. Click Install to add the printer to your workstation
      Note: This package has been tested with macOS 10.10.x through 10.13.x.

  3. Verify that the printer installed successfully
    1. From the Apple menu, launch System Preferences

    2. Click on Printers & Scanners
    3. Double-click on the newly added CFANS printer
      The Printers & Scanners pane is opened in the System Preferences application. The 305 Alderman Canon printer is selected in the list of printers.

    4. Select the Printer menu in the menubar
      The Printer menu is dropped down in the menubar. "Print Test Page" is selected.

    5. Click Print Test Page


Installer Not Present in Self Service

If you do not see the printer in Self Service, please contact the Technology Help Desk and request Self Service access for the printer installer.

Prompt Not Appearing for Departmental ID

Make sure you are using the System Print Dialog when printing. Note that Safari and Google Chrome do not use the System Print Dialog when printing by default.

  • In Chrome, press Cmd+Shift+P to launch the dialog
  • Safari users will need to manually add the Departmental Code to the driver and setup a preset for the printer

Manual Method

This method should be used only when it is not applicable to use Jamf Self Service. 

Driver Installation: Install Canon C6555 driver

The Canon software (driver) for this printer must be installed prior to completing the steps below.

Administrative rights will be required to install this software. If you do not have admin rights, contact Technology Help to request assistance.

  1. Download the driver from the Canon C6555 Driver Software page
  2. Select the UFRII Printer Driver option
    The Canon driver downloads page is shown, and the UFRII driver is selected. The Download button is highlighted.

  3. Open the .DMG downloaded file that was downloaded
  4. Right-click (or Control-click) on the file called UFRII_LT_LIPS_Installer.PKG and select Open
    The .DMG file was opened, and the .PKG file is selected within the new window. The right-click context menu is shown and "Open" is selected. 

  5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation, entering your admin password when prompted
    The driver installation window is shown, and the admin prompt appears overtop of it. The username field has the cursor in it.

  6. Close the installer when it is complete

Printer Setup:

After the driver has been installed, the printer can be set up through the following steps.

  1. In the Apple menu Apple Logo, select System Preferences€¦
    Apple Menu is opened. System Preferences is circled.

  2. Select the icon for Printers & Scanners
  3. Click on the (+) icon near the bottom of the sidebar
    The Printers & Scanners section of System Preferences is opened. The "Plus" (+) button at the bottom of the printers list is circled.

  4. Choose IPat the top of the new window
    1. Type into the Address field
    2. Verify that the Protocol dropdown is set to Line Printer Daemon - LPD
      The Add dialog is opened; the IP tab is selected and circled. The "Address" text field is highlighted.

    3. Select the Use dropdown and choose Select Software€¦
      The address field has "" entered into the field. The Protocol dropdown menu is set to "Line Printer Daemon - LPD" and the Queue field is blank. The Name field is set to The Location field is blank. The "Use" dropdown is opened/selected and the "Select Software" option is highlighted and being selected.

    4. Enter canon 6555 in the Printer Software window that appears
      1. Select Canon iR-ADV C6555/6565
        The Printer Software dialog is opened; the search box contains "canon 6555" and Canon iR-ADV 6555/6565 appears in the list.

      2. Click OK
    5. Click Add to add the printer
  5. Once the printer has been added, select it from the list of printers
    The CFANS-AlderH-305-Canon6555 printer is selected in the list of printers.

  6. Click on Options and Supplies
    1. In the Options section:
      1. Under Output Options, select Staple Finisher V1/V2
      2. Check the box for Departmental ID Management
        The Options and Supplies dialog is open, and the Options section is selected. Output Options is set to Staple Finisher, and the Department ID Management box is checked.

    2. In the Utility section:
      1. Click Open Printer Utility
      2. In the Authentication Function section:
        1. Change the User Management: dropdown to Department ID Management
        2. Enter your Department ID (i.e., Print Code or User Code)
        3. Leave the PIN field blank
        4. Uncheck Confirm Department ID/PIN When Printing
          (If you use multiple ID's for printing, leave this checked so that a pop-up will appear, allowing for the ID to be changed when printing)
          The Canon printer options window is opened as a separate window from System Preferences. The first tab "Authentication Functions" is highlighted. User Management is set to "Department ID Management" and the Department ID is filled in with an example ID. The PIN field is blank.

      3. Click Save Settings
      4. Close the window
    3. Click OK on the previous dialog
      The Printers & Scanners window is opened and the Utility section is selected in the Options and Supplies dialog.

  7. The printer is now ready to use

Additional information

Contact the Technology Help Desk if you need assistance adding the printer to your computer.

Changing the Default Printer on a Mac

To set or change your default printer on a Mac, you can follow the steps listed in Set your default printer (Mac).

Apple Device Management: JAMF Pro FAQ

For more information on the JAMF Pro management service through UMN, see Apple Device Management