Kaltura: Create an Interactive Video Quiz

Kaltura is a media management platform for teaching, learning, collaboration, and outreach at the University of Minnesota.

You can create interactive quizzes for your course using Kaltura's Interactive Video Quiz module.

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Creating an Interactive Video Quiz

  1. Go to Canvas (canvas.umn.edu). You may need to sign in.
  2. Find your media in Canvas My Media:
    1. Click the Courses icon in the left navigation bar.
    2. Select the course you want.
    3. Click My Media from the course navigation menu. If the My Media link is not shown, the course's owner can add it by following the instructions in Adding Kaltura Course Tools to Canvas.
  3. Click the Add New drop-down menu.
  4. Select Interactive Video Quiz.
    Kaltura My Media tab. Add new drop-down menu is selected. Interactive Video Quiz is highlighted.
    • The Editor/Media Selection page appears.
  5. Select the media you would like to base the quiz on.
    • Click Upload Media to upload something new from your computer or mobile device.
    • Click Select to the right of an existing video.
      Canvas Kaltura Editor/Media Selection page. Upload media and Select buttons are highlighted.
      The Quiz Editor will load in a pop-up window.
  6. Select the Play button located below the video.
  7. Press Pause when you want to insert a question. The Add a Question button appears on the video.
  8. Click Add a Question.
    Canvas Kaltura Interactive Video Quiz Window. Add question is selected. Question options are displayed. Under Multiple choice is the text "question with only one correct answer." Under the true/false option is the text, "A question with only 2 options - true or false." Under reflection point is the text, "A video pause combined with text." Under Open-ended Question is the text, "Answer the question with your own words."
    1. Choose one of the following options:
      • Multiple Choice
      • Reflection Point
      • True/False
      • Open-Ended Question
    2. Enter the question text and answers, then click Save.
      • Click the Delete button to go back to Add a Question without making any changes.
      • The new question will appear in the timeline at the bottom of the Quiz Editor.
  9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 to add more questions to the video quiz.
  10. Select Done to complete your quiz. 

Embedding/Sharing Interactive Video Quizzes

There are several ways to share your quiz:

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