Kaltura: View Kaltura Video Quiz Responses

You can use Kaltura's analytics tools to see who has taken a quiz, and how they responded, their score, and whether the score was successfully passed to the Canvas gradebook (if applicable).

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Viewing Kaltura Video Quiz Analytics

To view Kaltura Video Quiz analytics, owners and co-editors can follow these steps:

  1. Login to canvas.umn.edu, select the Account menu, then pick My Media (Kaltura).
  2. On the My Media page, locate the video quiz you are interested in, then to the right select the View analytics  button. The Analytics page appears.
    • Hint: Select Filters, then Quiz to view only video quizzes in the listing.
  3. Choose the Quiz Questions or Quiz Users tab to view user results.
    • Quiz Questions tab:
      Quiz questions tab with example questions and quiz attempt selections.
    • Quiz Users tab:
      Quiz users tab with information on how many completed the quiz, number of attempts, and average score. Gradebook sync column with Success displayed.

Good Practice: Validating Scores are Passed to Canvas Gradebook

Kaltura Video Quiz owners or co-editors should validate that scores are successfully passed to the gradebook when used in a Canvas assignment. 

  1. After grading is complete, visit the Quiz Users tab (refer to steps in the previous section)
  2. Scan the Gradebook Sync column.
  3. Where the value is ERROR, FAILED, or blank, calculate the student's score for the Kaltura Video Quiz and manually enter it in the Canvas gradebook.

The Gradebook Sync column does not appear when viewing the Kaltura Video Quiz's Quiz Users tab in mediaspace.umn.edu.

Note: OIT staff has found that a small percentage (<1%) of scores are not successfully passing to the Canvas Gradebook. OIT is monitoring and working with the vendor to improve the reliability of grade passback to Canvas.

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