Kaltura: Connect to YouTube Videos

Using Kaltura in Canvas or Kaltura MediaSpace you can connect to YouTube videos. This feature allows you to:

Note: Captions from the original video in YouTube are not included when loaded into Kaltura. If you use YouTube in Kaltura, plan to request auto-generated closed captions (in this article), then edit those captions.

In this article:

Connecting from Kaltura to a YouTube Video

  1. Go to a page where you can create a new Kaltura resource, using one of the options below:
  2. From the Add New menu, select Connect to a Video in YouTube.
  3. Paste a YouTube link in the space provided (e.g. https://youtu.be/UPMWF3ibiOg)
  4. Select Preview. A preview of the video appears to the right. The Video Details section appears below the preview.
  5. Enter details about how you want the video to appear, then select Save.

Captioning YouTube Videos in Kaltura

Unlike other media in Kaltura, when you link to a YouTube video, the media does not receive auto-generated closed captions by default. 

To create closed captions for a YouTube video in Kaltura:

  1. From My Media (Kaltura) in Canvas or in MediaSpace, select the title of the video. The video's page appears.
  2. Select the Actions menu.
  3. Select Caption & Enrich.
    Actions menu dropdown, Caption & Enrich highlighted.
  4. Scroll down to Optional: Request Caption & Enrichment Services and select the following:
    • Request Type: General Request for Accessibility
    • Service: Auto-Generated
    • Source Media Language: English (or whatever language is used in the YouTube video)
    • Feature: Captions
  5. Select Submit.
  6. Wait for an email with subject: Kaltura: Your Requested Media Caption/Enrichment is Complete.
  7. Follow the steps to Find and Edit Captions.

For more information about the closed captioning process in Kaltura, go to Kaltura: Closed Captioning Process Overview.

Limitations when Using YouTube in Kaltura

  • YouTube videos linked to from Kaltura currently do not allow the viewer to control the playback speed.
  • YouTube content creators sometimes add cards and annotations on top of their videos. These features will not appear when playing a YouTube video within Kaltura. Review video content within Kaltura to ensure it displays as expected.

For more information on linking to YouTube Videos in Kaltura, please refer to the vendor's documentation on the Kaltura/YouTube integration.

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