Departmental Data Storage: Shared Storage for Departments and Individual User Directories

Departmental Data Storage is a service that provides shareable mapped drives for individual staff and departments. Departmental Data Storage is designed to house:

  • Administrative data 
  • Business or Financial Office Documents
  • Individual User Files that may not be a good fit for Google Drive

Departmental Data Storage is used by departments to share data used in their operational business workflows. 

In this article:

Requesting a Share

  1. Prepare what's needed for the storage request form.
    1. Ensure your department has been on-boarded to Customer Experience Standardization for Infrastructure (CESI) as a storage consumer. 
      • See the Customer Unit Map spreadsheet for a list of current storage consumer departments.
      • Note: if you are not an authorized requestor, your request will go to your unit's authorized requestor first.
    2. Ensure that you have the ability to access a share over the NFS protocol or SMB protocol. 
    3. Estimate the amount of space your data will likely consume. 
    4. Identify systems that will need access to the export or share. 
  2. Fill out the storage request form.

Note: Once you have submitted the form, a share will be configured for you. Approval typically takes 2 business days. Once you gain access to a share, you will get a notification when your share is ready. 

Moving Files into Departmental Data Storage

If you are storing data on what formerly was called General Data Storage, and that data fits within the use case for the new Departmental Data Storage service, you may not need to bulk move your data into this service. 

If you have questions as to which Storage Service is an appropriate fit for your data, visit Storage Portfolio Restructuring Initiative.

File Limitations

If you have:

  • Files that are larger than 1TB in size
  • Extremely large file count directories
  • Security compliance concerns such as PHI or HIPAA

While these files are allowed by the storage frame, they may not be practical for normal use and performance cannot be guaranteed.

Accessing your Data

Note: The retention of data should comply with the Retention of University records policy where applicable. 

Additional Information

Departmental Data Storage is one of seven new storage service offerings for the University community rolling out in 2020. For more information about the storage services provided by the Office of Information Technology, please see the Storage Portfolio Restructuring Initiative.