Network File System (NFS): Mount an NFS Share on Windows

This article details how to setup a Windows device to support Network File System (NFS) shares and connect to them.


  •  Windows computer running server or desktop OS that is in support.

Mounting the NFS Share

  1.  Make sure that the NFS Client is installed.
    1. Open a Powershell command prompt.
    2. Run the appropriate command for your situation:
      • Server OS: Install-WindowsFeature NFS-Client
      • Desktop OS: Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName ServicesForNFS-ClientOnly, ClientForNFS-Infrastructure -Online -NoRestart
  2. Mount the share using the following command, after making the required modifications:
    • mount -o anon X:
      • Replace with the name of the server the NFS share is on (eg.
      • Replace share-name with the name of the NFS share (eg. OIT-Test)
      • Replace X: with the desired drive letter.

Escalation Path

Problems with mounting NFS share on Windows computers should be escalated go through the Desktop Support queues and then to Computer Management if the problem cannot be resolved.