BeyondTrust Remote Support: Internet Explorer 11

Bomgar is a safe secure and private way to allow the support personnel to view and control your computer. Your technician will not be able to view any information you do not want them to see and you will be able to see what they are doing at all times. This guide will assist you in the steps required to start a Bomgar support session with Internet Explorer.


  1. Navigate your web browser to You may follow the link provided, or you can type the web address into the web address bar. Make sure you are typing the link into the address bar, and not a search engine. This is an example:
    Put the website in the box at the very top web address bar.
  2. On the bottom of the page enter the session key provided by your technician. If you are not provided with a session key, you may click the name of your technician. If you cannot locate the name on the page, refresh the page by pressing the refresh button at the top of the screen or pressing Ctrl + R with your keyboard.
    representative and session key boxes
  3. Once you enter the session key or click the name, a page will open with the dialogue box below. You want to click the option that says Click here to begin the download. The file will automatically download.
    The first option in the list labeled Click here is highlighted
  4. After clicking the option to run the file, you should see the following display appear.
    A small display with two computer monitors will appear, indicating connection.
  5. Your request for a screen sharing session will appear for your technician to accept.
  6. After the remote support session is ended, the client will automatically be removed