Planned Change

Zoom Transition

Zoom online video conferencing system

The ability to connect and communicate online has real-world impacts on the University’s teaching and learning, research, and outreach capabilities.

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Following an RFP process and a pilot of the top two selections, Zoom was chosen to replace Webex as the University of Minnesota's systemwide online meeting tool.

Learn more about Zoom@umn features and access self-help and training.

Why are we changing?

  • Pilot participants preferred Zoom to Webex by 89 percent
  • Accessible interface
  • Lower cost to the University

Key Transition Milestones

February 27: Zoom transition is announced

April 1: Zoom is available systemwide!

  • Visit Download the desktop app, sign in, or join (or host) a meeting.
  • See How to prepare for the transition below.

September 2: Webex will retire

  • No meetings can be held in Webex. Use Zoom

September 30: Webex recordings become unavailable, permanently

  • As of 11:59 p.m. on September 30, recordings stored on Webex will become unavailable. Download the recordings you wish to retain. You can upload to Kaltura MediaSpace or, if they have personal health information (PHI), upload them to Box Secure Storage

Zoom highlights

How to prepare for the transition

Pilot participant comments

With Zoom breakout rooms, we are getting very close to matching in-person meeting experiences.

My colleagues and trainees in Uganda had no problem connecting with the meeting.

You simply join the meeting, collaborate with your colleagues, then get on your way. Sharing is more robust in Zoom than other software.

The user interface and the general experience of hosting a meeting felt better. The desktop client is leaps and bounds above the Webex version.

I love the one-click access as well as the ability to mix regular audio call-in (like a regular conference call) with video chat so that some participants can call-in and others can be on video.

I have used it for regular meetings of my research teams who are at different campuses of UMN or different universities.