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Online Course Evaluations

An online system that enables students to provide important feedback on instruction.


The student rating of teaching (SRT) uses eXplorance Blue software to offer an online format for students to provide feedback. Teaching evaluations are used to help improve teaching, to rate and acknowledge teaching effectiveness, and to assist future students in selecting courses. OIT and OMS offer enterprise-wide support for managing online SRT evaluations.


  • Enables students to individually rate multiple instructors who are collaboratively teaching a course
  • Integrates with Canvas to display a SRT link in each course, increasing traffic and participation by students
  • Integrates with enrollment and course information (PeopleSoft) to automate the ratings process
  • Integrates with an SMTP server to automatically send invitations and reminders for online ratings

Getting Started


When course evaluations are available, you can access the online evaluations by clicking the Student Rating of Teaching link in each Canvas course. You can also sign in directly to the online system to complete an evaluation.


End-of-semester course evaluations (SRT) are available through the online system. Instructors will receive an email notification when results are available, and will receive summary information from all completed evaluations, including a breakdown of each question posed on the evaluation form as well as individual comments.

For more information, see Student Rating of Teaching (SRT).

Departments and Staff

If you have questions about implementing the online SRT in your college, please contact Office of Measurement Services at oms@umn.edu.

Integration into Canvas

A faculty member, instructor, or staff member requested that this tool be integrated into Canvas.

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
Health Sciences Affiliates
IT Staff and Partners


University-funded: no charge.