Additional learning tools, sometimes called learning apps, external tools or LTI's, can be added on to Canvas to extend the core functionality and features of the system. Examples include tools such as VoiceThread, Respondus, and Turnitin. Often, these tools can be added to an individual course, a group of courses, or all courses in a unit, college, or campus.

The UMN has a variety of tools already installed and ready to use. Tools that are not available can be requested by faculty, instructors, and staff; however, they must go through a formal evaluation, vetting, and approval process before they are made available in a Canvas course. This process requires input from several University units and can sometimes take up to six months from request to implementation.

Getting Started

  1. Before requesting a learning tool, please check the ongoing list of integrations to see if it has already been implemented.
  2. Check the list of requested but not yet integrated learning tools to see if it is on our radar.
  3. Use our form to request a specific application or tool

Provide the following information on the form:

  • Include the name of the tool.
  • If you're not aware of a specific tool, describe the functionality you're hoping to achieve. 
  • If a tool has already been requested or implemented but is not available to you, specify if you want to use the tool in your course, a group of courses, or all courses in a unit, college, or campus.

If you have questions about a request or the request process, write to the LTI Learning Tools group at [email protected].

Additional Resources