Learning tools, sometimes called LTI’s or external tools can be connected to Canvas to extend the core functionality and features of the system. Examples include tools such as VoiceThread, Turnitin and publisher materials. Canvas integration means different features for each tool, but typically one main security benefit is that students can login with their UMN account. Canvas integration also often means assignments students complete are automatically connected to the Canvas gradebook. If you don't know if this tool is right for you or need help teaching with it, consult your Canvas contact.

LTI Request Process 

Faculty, instructors, and staff can request tool integrations for Canvas; however, each tool must go through a formal evaluation, vetting, and approval process (detailed steps below) before the tool can be made available in a Canvas course. This process requires input from several University units and can sometimes take up to nine months from request to implementation. As of 2022 all Canvas integrations will require an integration called LTI 1.3. If you want to see which tools have been requested and/or integrated into Canvas, check out the Find Canvas Learning Tools webpage. 

Visual of the steps during the LTI process as outlined below

Steps During the LTI Request Process

  1. Submit an Initial LTI Request Form by...
    • November 1 (for potential implementation the following fall semester) or
    • or March 1 (for potential implementation the following spring semester).
  2. Consult with an academic technologist and complete a Background Information Form by December 15 or April 15.
  3. The Digital Learning Operational Governance (DiaLOG) governance group’s Learning Tools subgroup will prioritize requests to move on to technical and security vetting by mid-February or mid-June.
  4. Prioritized requests will undergo technical and security vetting by the OIT Academic Technology Tools unit in partnership with Academic Support Resources (ASR), Office of General Counsel (OGC), University Information Security (UIS), and Health Information Privacy and Compliance Office (HIPCO) (as needed). This phase of the process requires participation in functional testing by the requestor. Requestors may be asked to take part in communication(s) with tool's vendor. This vetting and testing phase typically takes 2-6 months to complete.
  5. The DiaLOG governance group’s Learning Tools subgroup will vote on final integration decisions by the end of May or the end of September.
  6. Tools vetted and approved for integration will be installed in Canvas by the end of June (to be operational for fall term) or the end of October (to be operational for spring term).


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